Our philosophy

MAKAN [the place] is an antidote to the sprawl of fragmented housing communities and social isolation of high-rise living. Large scale residential projects can detach neighbours and limit participation in public spaces.

MAKAN showcases density smart, community oriented, modern architecture, with a low ecological footprint. Our holistic approach brings style, strength and sustainability to the development process. The architects took an expansive approach, designing spaces not only for the flow of people, but integrated systems of both ecology and economy to optimize the flow of resources – heat, energy, waste and water. Each suite is framed by wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling moveable glass walls that encourage natural illumination and ventilation. The rooftop terrace is a sanctuary for residents to immerse in luxurious comforts and take in the panoramic views of the Niagara Gorge.  MAKAN is the place to be.

developing homes not to meet expectations
but to change them

our approach

DENSITY SMART ARCHITECTURE offers desirable living spaces within a socially integrated community. Today’s home buyers are sensitive to the local and global environment. They demand optimization and integration of all building systems.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE BUILDING is designed and operated to meet the highest standards for energy and water usage, system reliability, environmental compliance, occupant comfort and productivity. Good design prioritizes operational and maintenance efficiencies over decades-long occupancy life, where energy performance more than offsets the capital costs of ownership.  MAKAN is a building that generates carbon-free renewable energy to offset the annual carbon emissions of the building’s operations and materials.

Fostering Community

Today’s home buyers seek easy access to transit, parks and schools, and close proximity to work, shopping and entertainment. They also desire meaningful personal interactions for a better sense of belonging and happiness.

A low density urban development, juxtaposed to natural wonders, is not just a commodity, it adds to the fabric of the neighbourhood. At MAKAN, we are removing barriers inherent in large scale developments, to enhance liveability within this integrated community. Our bespoke floor plans are large enough for families to thrive, and for neighbours to connect.